Saturday, February 24, 2007

land of smiles, shoes & food..

the vacation in my vacation...

when i way home, and friends did witness this, i was rushing from meeting Ms. A to having drinks with Mr B. and then zipping off to meet group C for dinner.. it was one after another which made my days stretch from 8am till sometimes 3am in the morning. so i was burnt out when i came home. so this bangkok trip was perfect for me to take a breather and spend time with my parents.

i love thai food!! *yummsss* always such a blast of flavour and color! unlike the messy goopey pizza im looking at right now.. *roll eyes* and the best part about thailand is no matter how up-market the restaurant looks, its still more affordable than Pizza Hut here. *once again.. rolls eyes*

ok. enough of pity party!! the food this trip was amazing.. last few trips we made, the shopping was the focus so we had the regular pad thai fanfare.. but this time we had several recommendation from the brother, dick & other friends so we did get the chance to try more goodies...

valentines gifts!!! strawberries for the daughter & rose for the wife.. awww how sweet! i was a complete lightbulb.. but its alright i've always been for my whole life. somehow no matter how old you are, when you spend more time with your parents, they can think of more stories to tell. However, my stories seem to revolve around the following:

a) how much of a brat i was
b) how i tortured my brothers
c) how i always manipulate my uncles/adults by flashing my million-dollar smile & cosying up to them after doing something mischievous...

hilarious but at the same time very embarrassing...

me & my folks!! and i was so lazy i didn't even bother to pop in my contacts.. felt like i was back in JC days when my friends had to bribe, force & coerce me to wear my contacts when i go out with them..

one of my biggest gripe.. how no matter how much you spend on manicures, in less than a week, you are back to nada... but still doesn't stop us from getting our manicures.. it was extremely cheap to boot! *grins* only 240 baht for manicure with nailart.. i think dad gave up on us at this point and went back to the hotel for a nap. Poor daddy! he was walking around lugging our loot being really patient... we felt so bad because his face would literally light up when he came across a non-thai book store or a computer sotware store. that i tell you, is true love!

in all, shopping was alright. somehow bangkok shopping has lost a bit of its novelty. its still cheaper than singapore but the new malls that sprung up, Platinum & World trade center & Siam Paragon seems so large and so generic to me, filled with international brands like Hermes, Coach, etc. someone give me chatuchuk sweaty, streety, dusty & crampy style bangkok back with some good ole bargaining & quirky little treasures!!! 


  1. the manicures are so pretty!
    :) glad u had a wonderful time in bangkok my dear

  2. i really suck at painting my own nails so that was a real treat!! bet you're million times more pro than me.


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