Wednesday, February 7, 2007

i am...

busy as a bee. i have accomplished the following!

1) met Nancy Pelosi (which is indeed a great honor)
2) clocked in more than 12 hours of work in the past week!
3) watched my first superbowl while packing
4) woke up at 3am to catch my 6am flight (thank you, marcin... you're the bomb!)
6) survived my 21 hour flight back home with the nastiest cough & sore throat..
7) met a new vietnamnese friend, chloe!
8) had my first bak chor mee soup in one year..
9) hugged my family =)

and that in itself made me the happiest girl in the world. song, wish you were here.


  1. hehe im leaving wayyy earlier than you.. when you coming back? 9 days and counting?

  2. i believe i'll be home on the 16th feb! wheeeeeeeeee

  3. missing you in VA
    Enjoy all you can at home and hope you come in one piece =)love you

  4. Re: missing you in VA
    love you too babes... =)
    still remember to get you the spicy crispy things..


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