Friday, February 23, 2007

'sum hot salsa dancing in the house...

and not from me.. =)

pre-dinner treats with the girls in a tiny chinatown shop! =) with very interesting coconut fruity concoction, (yingjie & june's pick) but not my hot favorite cos of the strong coconut milk taste..

and the yummiest chestnut goo!! it was crispy on the outside, smooth & chewy on the inside with crunchy chestnut bits! i realized that all my fav food have such consistency like tang yuan, muah chee, oneh-oneh... *drools*

and my much-missed steamed egg.. the ultimate comfort food! *yums*

me with boon, who very graciously treated us dinner & drinks. i love edamame peas!! maybe the salt coated on the outside more than anything else! but its supposedly a healthy snack!

picture of the happy troopers at Union Square. (p.s. was NOT drunk)

i was super awed at the dancers! salsa is so spontaneous and sensuous unlike the dance i was taught since young! and despite the hardwork the gals put in to give us a crash course in dance moves, the grand total of 4 moves won't get me very far on the dance floor so me and boon chilled with our lychee martinis by the dance floor and started an entire fashion critique on the people on the floor. apparantly, we came to the conclusion that in the name of dance, people really do wear odd stuff. we experienced the torn sleevelss dressy shirt look, the very-passe silver embossed beng-beng jeans, superflare-can-pass-off-as-skirt jeans and both of us decided that dance partners with unsightly sweat stains are the pits.. (pun intended)

oh! back to the artform: the bachata was super sexy (which orginates from Dominican Republic). i promise i will pick it up when i come home next time! oh! and pick a non sleezy & non-sweaty partner to gyrate with..

till next time, my friends!!! *hugs* i had heaploads of fun, like i always do...


  1. how come you chose the picture of u and boon that has the funny weird shadow in the background? haha.. but it was fun teaching u the dance moves and dun worry u'll pick up the dance moves really fast!
    Really loved having u back in town where we can talk to the wee hours of the morning!! Love u babe!

  2. lol~ u can ask ah boy! since u're obviously not interested in him...oh. but i dunoe abt the other way around...ahhhhh~

  3. wow dear! u look wonderful! and i do agree that steamed egg is the ultimate comfort food! :)

  4. thanks babes... its the make up! =)
    i lurve the hk steamed eggs. they have so many favours! btw, is steamed eggs healthy?

  5. yeah he is certainly well-dressed and non sweaty.. but dunno about the non-sleazy part.. *roll eyes*
    him and boobs dun do too good together..
    p.s. is he home yet? AND does he own a restaurant already??

  6. lol~ he's home oredi!!!! ah boy is another boy. lindt's "hubby"~ no lah...he doesnt own the restaurant...he's working at Barfly=) owned by the cannery. the food and ambience is good leh...we can go there when u come back=D

  7. orh. make sure you promise. and i will take you to chomps.. hehe!!

  8. yesyes!! i PROMISE~~~~~ -shows scout honour even tho' i'm neither a scout nor a guide-

  9. yes deariE!
    everything steamed is healthy dear:)
    especially if its with low salt too! helps reduce blood pressure and give us a wholesome feeling.


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