Thursday, January 18, 2007

William & Mary vs George Mason University

but i was more excited about the cheerleaders! =)

go team go!!

traitor zhing in her NYC sweatshirt, Jessie & hubby, Amos!

Judy & Francine! =)

my latest ride. cool eh? a G5 Pontiac 2007. and nope, didn't strike lottery and the story is a lot less glam than the ride.
my housemate, noey backed into our car in the driveway and the whole hood caved in so its with the car doctor right now and this gorgeos hunkadory is a rental. all paid by her insurance.. how sweet!

anywhos, it runs so well and the engine purrs.. but cant wait to get my burgundy beauty back!


  1. ohh, it's so much fun! all these just reminds me of "Coach Carter" and "bring it on!" NICE RIDE there! =)

  2. i must admit, i was more into 'Bring it on' than the former..

  3. I was refering to the community, ^^

  4. Hi, I see that your stay in the states is fun ! Please also do write about your experiences & probably post some pictures about your stay in the States to contribute to the community alright ? This is to ensure that our community would a an active one, thanks =)


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