Wednesday, January 31, 2007

sometimes i can't decide if my brother is a genius or not...

s: hey jie, i got a letter from the dean.
me: *thinking must be truancy* what for..
s: for "exceptional set of grades" *gloats*
me: wah. thats nice.. *very proud but im very competative so i countered with*..
me: hey! im seeing Mr President this week.
s: for real?
me: yeah! the old one, the new one & speaker of parliament!!
s: wah!!! take picture ok?
me: cannot la.. they won't let me anywhere near 3 ft..
s: *experiencing an ah-hah! moment* try to dash in naked!
me: ...
s: den you can get one cable tv!!!
me: ...

if i do so, i bet he will be the first to glue his eyes onto CNN! ;)


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