Saturday, January 27, 2007

my state of mind...

at work, im detailed and meticulous. im a perfectionist and control freak.

at home, im a neat freak too so much so that i would rather nap on the couch so i don't mess up my bed. *roll eyes* and after every bath, i will wipe the counters and floor dry.. a far cry from what i was in the past..

at work, i have OCD and need everything to be in place.

at home, i have a HUGE problem organizing my crap. two nights ago, i spent 2 hours scouring through the floors of walmart in tears at midnight (size of carefour at home..), aisle by aisle looking for my ONLY car engine key. didn't find it and had mariuz come save me.. (and the replacement key costed me $65.00 *grr*) AND just now, i left my whole purse in Wendy's. and only realized when i felt chilly and realized i left my pink wooly hat behind did i trace my steps and found the purse sitting there in the cold...

*tsk* some things just never change..


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