Wednesday, January 31, 2007

love it!!!

its days like this that i don't ever wanna leave the temperate climate!! someone wonderful, bless his heart, told me today i have the hair of his dream-girl (reads: im NOT his dream girl... BUT my hair looks awesome!!) and looking back this is what i've done to my hair to achieve this amazing 'goddess' quality:

a) didn't wash hair last night.
b) only brushed my fringe in the morning and pull the rest up into a messy bun
c) let my hair down!!

and after that comment, i kept checking out my hair in the mirror!! how come i never could achieve that look ever back home??

when i was 4, i had so many tangles that my mum had to sit me down everysinglefreakinmorning and literally YANK the daylights outta me. and she would use the brush and "kok" me on the head if i moved..

and in sec school, unfortunate as i was, i had to go to school with a "no longer than 3 cm under the ear lobes" hair. and puberty was unkind to my hair. it was frizzy and looking back at the pictures, i look like a walking cotton bud... (huge mystery how i had a boyfriend with that hair-do)

and then i finally grew out my afro-style hair in JC and my dance teacher had to pay for me to get my hair rebonded cos while every other dancer looked "wild but hot".. i looked "deranged". and she had to tell me that in front of the whole company. -_-

anywhos, thank you. you made my day! =)


  1. haha ur funny. and no la, not deranged la. we all got our hair woes. u got big frizzy hair and i have hair barely enough to cover my scalp loh. does that make u feel better? grin

  2. and we have deaf who has supermodel long thick hair.. *grumbles*


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