Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year!!

the new year eve wedding had me working till 11:30pm and how i managed to get to Hampton in 30mins flat was still quite a miracle. but everything was perfect! when we reached, we were counting down with 13 seconds more to go! =)

Lorreine, Kortezzy, Christie, Ross & Zhingy!

New Year's Eve Celebration was nicely summed up with 4 words. Bleeding, Peeing, Lap Dancing & Almost Cheating. but we all had a blast. i was probably the only one sober at the end of the night..

Look at the little princess Gigi! that was at 4am in the morning.. she is such a darling!

Happy New  Year to all! =)
Here's to a fantastic year ahead with greater pursuits & accomplishments!!

meanwhile, im looking forward to the next BPE!!


  1. wow! nice picture! looked like you guys had loads of fun!! i spent my new year at home rottin. haiz.. envious me.. btw, a very happy and fruitful new year to you!! =D

  2. happy new year to you too sweetie! =)

  3. 'appie 'appie new year=D come home sooooooooOooOoOoOooooOoOn~~~~~~~~

  4. yesh! a brand new year! 2007! cheers to 2007 with happiness and joy

  5. yes babes.. very very soon!! hopefully..


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