Thursday, January 18, 2007


anywhos, i don't think i ever thank this bright-eyed, sweet like candy friend of mine enough. for bringing me through so far since young, innocent *ya right...* and already very vicious age of 15! and i am indeed a horrible friend. it just dawned upon me that never ONCE do i initiated a conversation on MSN (im just lazy..) or skype or phone call. shame on me.

so here you go babes, a very well-deserving thank you. girlfriends are the best.

no, im not going to start ripping bras, swear off boyfriends and tattoo "boys stink" or anything radical of that sort.. but girlfriend are indeed the best!

***updates. as usual, i SO did not say what i wanted to because the WHOLE world (read: entire family clan..) bookmarks my journal. so im not spilling too much details. but im ok. im moving on. im fine!


  1. Awwz.. that is such a sweet tribute.
    You know u never have to say thank you cos I'll always be here for you. You've been my pillar of strength when i needed it and I'm glad we did pull through that little grey area we had when we were young and ignorant and din know what was good for us. I'll never exchange anything for the gfs that I have in my life.. like zynn says THANK GOD FOR GFS... hee.
    *HUGS* and *LOVE YA*


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