Tuesday, January 16, 2007

chicken lettuce wraps

inspired by P.F. Chang's awesome but very pricey chicken toufoo wraps... can i shamelessly toot my own horn and profess my new-found love for my own cooking? cos im proud as a button.

ground chicken
toufoo (super firm)
water chestnut
fresh mushrooms
fresh ice-berg lettuce


  1. swank says
    hey! your wraps can be friends with my vietnamese rolls. health buds! and i dunno bout the button thing. word has it that they're actually pretty down-to-earth.

  2. sigh. when can i start to cook like that? i havent gone anywhere past cooking veggies. heh.

  3. Re: swank says
    we can have a HEALTHY international (more like asian) cuisine day when i come back..
    don't judge buttons! i caught wind that they are the new "IT" thing.. so that may explain their newly inflated egos..
    *roll eyes*

  4. "you can when youuuuuuuuuu beeeeeeeeelieve..." or when you get SUPER desperate for affordable asian food that is NOT
    a) chow fun
    b) chow mien
    c) spring rolls

  5. can tell im craving asian food huh?!
    p.s. i wish mango pudding with sago seeds can find his way to US of A....

  6. hey babe, i think when you come back u are so cooking for us!! so that my memories of your cooking will not remain at the vege that only meimei ate..
    Love ya and cant wait till u're home again.. soon. really soon..

  7. hehe.. that horrible veg!! poor jude who was trying so hard to impress me and said it was edible...
    ever since i have gone quite easy on the salt and soy sauce..


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