Friday, January 19, 2007


i must admit i was bummed when jan's dance class was cha-cha. i was hoping for tango or salsa or something challenging.. (thinking sexy dips and stunts in tango..)

but i had a blast in class yesterday. my instructor was doing double turns and put a fancy twirly routine (where the guys twirled) and we were dancing to Debelah Morgan's, "Dance With Me"!! i really needed that adrenalin rush and good-ole heavy pounding workout!! *grins* it left my body screaming for more...

and i was a real treat to have a dance partner that was a real strong lead!! woohoo! can't wait for more cha-cha next week!


  1. wow.. nice. did you start dancin long ago or you just picked it up?? I was thinkin if it'll make me look like an idiot if i go sign up for some courses now plus I have no background in dancin at all.

  2. i have been dancing since i was 4.. but just started ballroom officially.. =)


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