Wednesday, December 13, 2006

raleigh, atlanta!

i am geographically challenged. i was trying to tell everyone that im going to Raleigh, Atlanta from Dec 13- 15th, 3 hours from home. And was met with "wow! never heard of that city" or "hmm... sounds fun.." or "wah! good luck! your first work trip!" thinking i was super special, going to a tradeshow where NO ONE has been too... until i was searching for the weather today and realized it was Raleigh, South Carolina. *bleah* the exact opposite direction.

any whos, going on my first tradeshow tomorrow representing my resort! =) am i a darn proud button!! 


  1. -faints- so what's it gonna be abt? the last time i heard of sis printed a truck full of t-shirts to fund her trip with them. hmmm~

  2. hey gal, have fun there! Your blog really really has the xmas mood, unlike mine.. I need to get in the mood soon.. hee...
    And thanks for the card!!!

  3. its a regular meeting and conventions tradeshow!=) boring stuff.. there is this super fun one with workshops on themed events, weddings, special events and all! in Vegas in Jan. but its so ex...*boohoo*

  4. hehe.. cant tell! PLUS your blog has been the ducks on a christmas sleigh for the WHOLE year...


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