Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a mind of empty-ness


a sign of ole age.

i left my camera at Cheddars' and thank god no one stole it. i was boo-hooing my eyes out on christmas eve and even with 3 offers of a new camera, i boohooed myself to bed, only to wake up with swollen eyes. then i finally wised up and called them yesterday and lo and behold i was sitting there. all naked and lonely over christmas. so, i went to newport news to pick it up. and since they were running post-christmas sales, i decided to hop by to shop. bought a whole bunch of bath and bodyworks supplies to stock up and then went to Forever 21. (ok.. and a whole bunch of shops in between..)
realized i was missing my BAGFULL of fruity bath foam, body splashes & nonsense only when i reached home. *damnit*
so i have to drive to newport news AGAIN to pick it up. *arghs*

reminds me of how my mum had to put an ugly neon springy chain to my purse because i would lose one everyday when playing hop scotch.. maybe i need to start doing that again.


  1. hey, that's so funny, the neon springy chain. my memory fails me all the time too. but me and the pple around me sort of am used to it already. I even bought a book on how memory works and our brian structure. but i always forget to read it. so i'm not even past chapter one yet. =p

  2. hehe let me know when you read it if there are any interesting tips! =)

    ITs me..... go see my blog ok... sent the add to u in ur email.. not good to disclose it here..
    got my naked fotos!!!

  4. Re: JIEJIE
    hahaha... right! you mean you have your BROTHER's naked picture?


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