Sunday, December 17, 2006

work:: lunch with santa...

every year, the resort organizes a christmas lunch with santa for the community which is a fun and stress-free event and the best part is, we have as much fun as the children

Was really curious what chicken toes are!!

used candy centerpieces instead of floral centerpieces

kelly with magician's rabbit .. belly buttons!! and cheese platter! the candy canes are so cute. i think they are radishes! 

cookie decoration station.. lotsa yummy candy to decorate the gingerbread cookies!

im addicted to the gingerbread scent. so i baked a few batches of little men to put on the tree and the whole house smells scensational!

kids staring hard at the weird face made of sprinkles... & my little gingerbread tree

our gingerbread men & me with snow princess 
hohoho.. merry silly christmas!!!

a friend just broke up with her boyfriend and we started talking about how they split their assets! that silly girl got the xbox and he got the dvd player but both fought over the fondue pot so she was left with the dipping sticks and he had the pot.. so weird!!

but it got me thinking.. somehow, that never happened to me before. im usually the quickest to sever ties & return gifts. maybe next time i will stand more to gain if i kept some of the things we purchased together! 

i mean.. oops. there will be no next time!!!


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