Wednesday, December 13, 2006

holiday cheer...

side view of our house.. hows that for first timers!

hard at work... =)

my devious gingerbread partner!!!

and nope, it was not as easy as the manual read. we shave roof entirely off by mistake, the icing was too cementy to glue anything on properly AND *would you keep a secret?* we cheated by using white craft glue.. but all is good! still looks kinda cute in a dorky way to me.. *grins*


  1. so u cant eat that thing? awwwww wat a waste! but it looks lovely babe! when i have my children, u organise party for me. from scratch.

  2. oooo...i like rainbow roof=) what's tt thing on the top of the roof? r they jellybeans or something like roundtree fruit pastils but long??

  3. Hey, I was just surfin the links and came across your blog and saw this ginger bread house! It really looks yummy and CUTE! A job well done! =)

  4. ok deal! =) i will be the aunt with no kids.. but lotsa shoes, bags & fun!

  5. hehe.. thanks.. its very inedible cos of the glue. =p

  6. fruit pastils elongated! hehe.. all sugared and nasty tasting..
    its a gay house!


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