Thursday, December 7, 2006

hankypanky in the resort

in their drunken stupor, some of the guests rearraged the reindeers overnight.... quite an amusing way to start the day with! reindeer porn galore!!! *grins*

i must admit they got creative with the positions to have a smooth move for every animal out there!! but i guess the staff and guests did not share my sense of humor so we had to pry the reindeers apart one by one.. ah well.... =)


  1. you should have taken some pics. =P

  2. why no pic for this one?
    i rem when i went to the lan shop in spore to play game, they had some mannequins dressed in army gear, some youngass punk pulled the zipper down and stuffed stuff in it to make it bulge. heh. tot it was distasteful, but funny nevertheless

  3. haha... that's hilarious!!hey! i didn't know you played lan games!

  4. haha only one or two games la. cannot be bothered with the rest.


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