Tuesday, December 12, 2006

grande illumination

Here where i live, the start of christmas celebrations is marked by the grand illumination ceremony & celebration at Colonial Williamsburg. the highlight being the 15min show and christmas carollers & fife & drummers and colonial storytellers. very exciting and quaint!! ! it was icy cold and dark night and we were huddle in a bunch... (picture taken at 6:15pm!!!)  

and over dinner, we realized how much we missed the Swiss Christmas Market and snow!!! Christmas just doesn't feel the same without substantial amount of snow, snow men, hot cocoa & a gorgeous fireplace. in my opinion, we are just spoilt silly after our white Christmas in Switzerland! i mean, in Singapore, the only snow we get are foamy bits spurting from the Christmas decor outside Sogo!!!

yummy pho noodles, tom yum soup & asian dumpling sampler set at Chez Trinh!! (thank you, Alex!!)


  1. hehehe very rare treat of decent asian food!! i really crave dim sum!!


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