Thursday, December 14, 2006

a blog and more...

i use this page as a picture album, a treasure box of my experiences & joys (mostly) and also, a documentation of my debts..

 owes me the following:

a) popiah ( i asked for one, she offered 5)
b) starfruit juice with salt

and she threw in sambal kangkong on top of it all !! 

woohoo.. all to exchange for the identity of the carver in Nip/Tuck Season 3! *sweet* and i must say i was extremely proud of myself for being the one in the know for once. for most of the time, im the tv shows laggard.. fondly remembering being the subject of their joke when i called the TV series "ONE TREE TOP". *roll eyes*

and since it was such a sweet deal, i threw in another offer to give her the scoop in NipTuck Season 4!! *grins*

so she now, she owes me as well.. *ahem*

c) "or lua" (fried oyster omelette) without "or" 

MAN! i can make a fortune doing this! so any other takers? im pretty updated in Desperate Housewives, Nip/Tuck, Grey's Anatomy, Girls Next Door, etc! =)



  1. swankysyl says
    I got a kick-back from the Carver leak too. Papereskimo had troubles containing the luscious secret. So really, that's how piracy kills the market. And being a shamelessly gregarious personality, I cordially invite myself to this Carver payback feast, bringing in tow, home-made vietnamese spring rolls. They like how good. =]

  2. Or lua no "or"?? how come?? hahaha I love oysters..

  3. Re: swankysyl says
    wow! she really spoil market. i could have extorted a kum kee chicken rice dinner from you.. darnit.. but home-made viet spring rolls are fine! =)
    seriously... quite a good end huh? i was shocked thrice!

  4. its something about the texture that gets to me. but i love the "lua" part!! *drools*

  5. papereskimo is too lazy to sign in
    the twist is damn good! man i'm lagging in OC too. I'm just not the same old me booohoooo I hate work!
    HAVE YOU HEARD?? (OR HAVE I TOLD U) rachel bilson and my adam brody broke UP!! it's so bloody tragic. I have lost faith in hollywood couples and true love between beautiful people. They just can't stay together cos they're too good looking. I hate zac braff. asshole. AND HOW CAN ADAM BRODY FIND ASHLEE SIMPSON MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN RACHEL BILSON. ok the whole world is coming to an end. I can just feel it.

  6. Re: papereskimo is too lazy to sign in
    i gave up when ryan phillipe and reese witherspoon separated.. see? i told you the end is near when brad pitt and jenn aniston broke up. but still i maintain that they will get back together ONE day.. (probably in my own deluded world..)


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