Friday, December 8, 2006

beer pong extravaganza

To explain the game: .Beer Pong (also called Beirut) is an American drinking game, that involves propelling a ping pong ball across a table with the aim of making the ball land in one of several cups of beer. The game generally involves two teams, with generally 10 cups(more or less can be used depending on the house rules), with each composed of two people. When a point is scored, the loser consumes the contents of the cup where the ball landed. When a team has scored in all of their opponents' cups, the game is won. 

well, usually its like a "zong1 ji2 mi4 ma3" (some number guessing game) where you start playing at the end of the night when there is too much food, except this is when there is too much beer!! so i thought i was a real chill-out party at Lorreine's place but when i got there, we were in for a shock. we had to sit through "rules and regulations" by Kokolis, there were prizes,  and they made tee-shirts for the hosts! the logo printed was hilarious. (read "wet your balls") there was a championship league chart, a pairing chart, but wadaya expect from a bunch of planners!?! professional hazard, i tell u!

anywhose, im pretty good at beer pong because i don't drink much while the rest of them start missing their ball, i start getting better. and my partner was superb! he drank like a fish! and we made it all the way to semi-finals! which was when it got tough and competitive.. 

Me & Lorriene (left), me and alex (poor thing.. didn't know anybody at the party) and sam the dog!!

stef & kortez getting their groove.. =)

and they  had a rave party in the kitchen after that till 4am in the morning.. and lorreine's baby did not wake up once! amazing! anywhos we had so much fun that we're going to make it a bi-monthly thing better start practising now! cos im going to be beer-pong champ next time round! *determined*


  1. its great to see that u are having such a blast.. beer pongs! hahahah.. its sounds really tough though. u should teach your frends mahjong la :P haha

  2. unfortunately.. i really don't know how to play.. i sit impatiently and call "pong" at the wrong time! haha


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