Thursday, November 9, 2006

sushi night!


--> we missed sushi! so we went grocery shopping in Newport News to make our own sushi! forgot some meat stuff so we had to use honey baked ham and cheddar cheese! hehe.. american sushi i guess *shrugs* 

--> drooled at the dancers' costumes in Dancing with the Stars (season 3) and everyone is soo good-looking and sharp! Especially loved the way Emmitt moves!! he looks like he was really enjoying himself! and Joey was so cute and earnest and Mario's dimples! awww. you can hide gold in it.. *swoons*

--> i suck at making sushi. mine all fell apart! so i guess i can strike off point #365: "be a sushi chef" in my to-do list!

--> had a cold wet drive back to the resort listening to xmas tunes and kara-oking at the top of our lungs! 

--> had a ball of fun!


  1. hee hee so fun!
    i've never tried american sushi before but from what i heard dear, sushi is biggg in jakarta and it isnt the usual stuff, its fusion sushi with lots of different stuff pot on rice and some seaweed. if u ask me i still like the traditional raw stuff :-)

  2. Heya babe! why do the crab sticks look SO LONG!! they are like not your conventional type are they?? looking at you make sushi makes me want to go eat sushi! hha.. haven't made them in a really long time either..

  3. they are long. they are sushi crabstick. so you won't have to line them one after the other. smart huh??

  4. hehe i like the cucumber plain one.. hehe! american sushi is with cream cheese and ham! weird but so is this whole big continent i exist in right now! =)


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