Friday, November 17, 2006

i hate laundry

i have this sense of cluelessness when comes to domestic chores *grrr* i always had a domestic helper (or in singapore terms, maid) at home so i never did my own laundry. (yes, i know. spoilt brat..) and also, my sheets were always some printed pink pattern or with some cutesy prints so even when i had crumbs or dog prints in bed, it wasn't noticable. 

BUT ever since i did my own room, i have decided that there will be no cutesy prints, no pinks nothing like the rooms i've had since i was young. so i chose only (1) set of pure white lamour sheets and (1) set of white (again) cotton sheets with Victorian Lace when i went sheets shopping! and now im totally regretting.

just two days ago, i had to strip my sheets because i got a nasty gash from scaling the walls trying to fix my blinds and of course stained my sheets with blood. so i did laundry, just for my sheets.

and after one night sleeping on my crisp new sheets! i woke up with cracked lips only to realize that my pillows got stained with blood agaiN!!!!!!!!!! pek chek! *grrrr* had to pop that load into the washer before i came to work.... made me so mad! im going to cling wrap myself tonight before i go to bed..


  1. thats the thing about white sheets. they are simply beautiful but hard to maintain... all the best girl. i personally miss my mum helping me with my chores back in singapore. haha

  2. i know i know...darn i never appreciate domestic help more till i get deprived of it!


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