Wednesday, November 29, 2006

holiday bussbuss

Right after saying bye to the pumpkins, winter squashes & hay, out comes the knomes, gingerbread men & snowmen from the warehouse. 

The entire resort is really elaborately decorated. kinda like the trees you see in Robinsons & Tangs in different colored sparkles & baubles filling up every single spot. very color coordinated, very elegant and very showroom style! my decorating dream come true indeed!!! so i've been walking around being the xmas light nazi scrutinizing the trees in search for a wonky unhidden christmas lights or empty spot in trees or crooked tree skirts or uneven christmas wreaths for the past few days! woohoo! hurry to my team of santa-helpers who volunteered their time to help! =) yippee....

im excited!!  xmas is round the corner! my car radio station is permanently stationed at 108.9 which plays Christmas tunes throughout the day till Boxing day! sweeeet!


  1. How fabulous... Christmas just doesn't feel like the real thing in Singapore, I don't think.

  2. i know what you mean!! are you back home this holiday?

  3. Yep! Are you still going to London? I remember us saying we were playing merry-go-round-the-continents some time back, because you wanted to catch the Royal Ballet I think. :)
    P.S. I love rice krispie treats too! But then I walk around for the next couple of hours with the stuff stuck to the back of my teeth though...

  4. i did want to.. and my brother is there right now in Kings College!!
    but my dad was fussing that im a creature of habit so im trying to move out of my comfort zone and do mexico or bahamas for xmas...


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