Thursday, November 16, 2006

health screening & assessment

my company had a health and wellness fair set up in one of the ballrooms for employees with free massages, health talks, discounted gym memberships etc. free stuff! like energy bars, fruits, stepometer (the sort that tells you how many steps you take in a day..) but one thing that caught my attention was the health screening. 

i have always been quite fearful of such things. why churn up the unknown when it maybe more of a burden to know?? but anywhos, i plucked up my courage (plus there was peer pressure cos everyone went for it) grabbed some random maintenance guy's muscular arms when she pricked my finger. she was one bad nurse. she told me "it won't hurt, it would just be like stepping on a thumbtack" hell, yes! of course i would lurve to step on a thumbtack! but it was done and these are the results. (for those that are interested..)

Total Cholesterol: 160 mg (healthy)
Blood Pressure: 90/58 (healthy)
Exercise: increase to 3 hours per week
Weight BMI: (healthy)

and she named me the postergal of good health! and had a little pin cos my DRA risk is 0.. i was so tickled until i was reminded that Americans have different standards than Asians! what them deem as acceptable weight is obese in Singapore! 


im going to strap on my stepometer and go for a long post-dinner walk tonight! =)


  1. whee!! a toast to good health! yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm seng!

  2. hehe.. but i still need to lose weight!

  3. WHY?! later u look stick-like nxt to ur ang moh peng yous...

  4. silly girl. even in ntu... u are the skinny lots. :) just stick eat healthy food and thats better for our bodies


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