Monday, October 30, 2006

some things just never change..

like how her smile just warms me up...

Thank God for Judy! She was making korean pork slickes with pickles, red pepper sauce & sesame oil for us! 

and i made: MAPO TOUFOO!!!!

i thought the attempt was brilliant but it wasn't as sauce-y and soft as i would have liked, but everyone else thought i was a genius so *takes a dramatic bow* thank you thank you!!!!

signs that you have been asian-ized, me and judy popped into Taco Bell for a fast dinner, called back to checked if anyone wanted dinner ta-powed. when Marcin said "Taco bell? Nah... how about chinese? i want chow mien the fat kind with beef. da de. xie xie." He cracks us up endlessly.


  1. hm...what is fat chow mien? did he mean...kway teow?

  2. hehehehhee babe ur culinary skills just get better and better. the toufu looks great :)
    Fat chow mien is just hiliarious!

  3. thank you!! *grins* its not rocket-science. i had the sauce from a packet!


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