Wednesday, October 4, 2006

our late night indulgences

by the time we all tumbled back home, we were too tired to go out for dinner so our fanbulous Seth, bless his heart,  who has been working the WHOLE day in the kitchen, decided to make us something special for dinner: Amber Bock French Toast Souffle with berry compote & whipped cream!! it was simply scrumptious.. it was crispy on the edges of the bread but soft in the middle... and we finished the whole pan of it.. yummy! 

kinda blurry picture but our first roomie peekture in our living room just before i tore up all my presents! =) 

i love my roomies!!!


  1. happy belated sweetie
    food looks good

  2. thanks! =) it was real yummy but the sugar left me bouncing off the wall. i had to scrub my tub to work off the energy surge!


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