Tuesday, October 24, 2006


i was in the mood to try something new so when my manicurist hinted my eyebrows needed some re-shaping, i jumped at the opportunity. I've heard so much about waxing but never tried it myself. and since she promised it was like removing a band-aid, i told myself "yeah! i can handle that!" 

verdict: wasn't that bad at all and very neat indeed! in fact it was so neat the top of my brows are so square it scares me! but yeah! its far better than plucking or shaving! 

*twindle thumb* whats next? hmm.. i'll probably try acryllic nails! im sick of my peeling short stubs!


  1. hehs...no wonder they say women got higher treshold of pain.

  2. all in the name of shapier brows! *hiao flick of hair*


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