Thursday, October 26, 2006

my lifesaver!!

seriously, this is the best invention ever! it works on everything! i have one in my desk, one in the car, one in my pocketbook!! its inexpensive and fast to use! very discreet too! and it even works on woolies and suits! yippee!!! i like! now, i don't even have to do laundry at all! (ok, im exagerrating on the last point!) 

and i feel like a queen! i just found out that my resort does dry cleaning for employees! yippee!!!!


  1. all you need now is febreeze to keep your clothes smelling fresh. no one will even noticed that you don't wash your clothes. hahaha.

  2. hehehe i saw the ad for this on TV abt the woman singing the na na na song at her hubby in a restaurant, have u seen it too? its real funny. now that u tell me how good it is i'm going to grab one too!

  3. yes kelly ripa was the woman! yeah its cute ad and apparantly she is really popular here. probably kinda like us's wong lilin! but back to the product, yes its fantastic to own!

  4. ewww!! but i febreeze my carpet because im using the allergen-reduction ones! hehe..


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