Monday, October 30, 2006

my itsy bitsy gooey piece of love

ok. he's not mine. 

my side job as a babysitter gives me the little luxuries that my pay doesn't cover! it also gives me the little bit of warm fuzziness..

superduper mighty cute! this grumpy baby(alex) is the funniest little guy ever! he snores in his sleep, fusses when you switch the lights on and stumbles around the room trying to chase you...screaming "cheese"(his fav. snack!) at the top of his little lung...

*shrugs* tried to upload last night's video but when i paste it on my journal, it reads "invalid video URL" one was of Genevieve's ballet moves and Mitch's Tae-kwon-do set! super funny.. *grrr*


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