Sunday, October 22, 2006

busy as a bumblebee

escapism, depression, workaholism, whatever you call it, i have been busying myself with work, signing up for extra hours, scrubbing my surroundings, packing my house, decorating for halloween and preparing for thanksgiving/fall decors! going for jazzercise, spending excellent time with judy =) 

random blurbs: 

--> decided that for my 25th birthday, i will buy myself my first sky-dive! *shrugs* if not now, it may be never!

--> eyeing a new winter coach bag *roll eyes*

--> did a fund-raiser for breast cancer with pink linen & pink centerpieces. for once, the gratification was beyond client's positive eval! i felt like i contributed to the $18,000 somehow, in my teeny weeny way. 

--> went for first belly-dancing class and decided its not for me.

--> indulged to too much office drama. need to roll myself out of it.. =) its like watching days of our lives.

--> made real yummy mapo toufoo. 

so onward marching, soldier! 


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