Friday, September 1, 2006

ned & his bear

im on the on-call babysitting list for my resort. so when guests want to go out for dinner sans the offsprings, im on call!! how it goes it, the more kids they have, the more i get paid. the breakdown is kinda like this:

One-hit wonders: $9
Double Trouble: $10
Three is a crowd: $11

and i only watch up to three kids. because i figured if my mum can handle three, so can i. but the Moores trio last night were a breeze! when i arrived at 8pm, we had room service delivered and did some artwork and soon enough, i tucked them into bed with tv on!! Everyone wanted to tell me about their day at the theme parks and how they all got drenched. thing is, they all had the SAME day at the theme park so they had the SAME stories told three times!

Ned saying good night with his new bigger-than-himself toy! he was so proud he won it from the theme park!

maybe having three ain't that tough! but gosh check out the amount of money their parents forked out for a romantic dinner for two!

kids' meal (plus gratuity): $50
baby-sitter : $33
dinner for two: $100 (??)

WOAH! thats close to $180 in one night!!

in conclusion: kids are darn expensive!!


  1. maybe its also because u are such a good baby sitter thats why trio likes you and aint so much of a problem..but hey. Whos complaining :)
    ps/ kids ARE expensive!

  2. hehe!!! =) thanks for compliment.
    i essentially detest kids. i find them a hassle to love (ie pay for, take care of, nag at..) but i guess maybe one day i will want my own!


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