Thursday, September 21, 2006

cold toesy

im such a ding-dong.

i had the purrfectly-matched outfit. my vintage floral top, my lace-y cinderella skirt & my teal shrug all perfect for a mid-week workday. but i knew something is wrong. i kept checking to see if i left my name badge or swipe card at home, or if my snack bag was missing my yogurt...but all's good.. until i stepped out of the car into the blimey cold of autumn...

and then realized i work my reef BRIGHT-NEON-PINK-AWFUL-TO-THE-MAX flip-flops to work.

damn. so i pull a school-trick. wrapped a strawberry shortcake plaster across my toe and said i have an ingrown toenail...  yes. i know. im a genius!! :)


  1. I ever wore bedroom slippers out!! hahhahah dun worry la...u are too pretty to look ungly even in your O-BIANG NEON PINKIES

  2. mwahahhahahahaa....i just HAD to comment. i hope ur colleagues dun read ur bloggie...u juz bao-doh-ed urself=) but yeah...great trick!! at least ze plaster sounds cute enough to make up for ur lil blunder~ -rofl-

  3. awww.. thats sweet of you! =) why did you wear bedroom slippers out!? cold?

  4. nope.. blog is a foreign concept to them! (i hope im right..)but yes my plaster was real cute! =)

  5. haha. it was just too comfy...i didnt even realise


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