Thursday, September 14, 2006

good things:: bubble tea!!

like a child with a new toy.. she says "no! all mine!!!" 
and slurps it down without sharing with her clueless white companions!! 
(check out the eye bags.. *tsk*)


  1. hey girl!! picture of you finally!! hhaha.. and this pic is rather flattering! hahha.. Miss ya babe!!

  2. chilled used tea bags :)
    aft drinking tea the day before, put used tea bags in fridge, in morning, put over eyes for abt 2 mins :-) works wonders

  3. thank you babes! will try tonight! any sorta tea?

  4. i use chanel eye ring roll. its works for me....but the price is rather steep
    have more ZZZZZZZZ dear.
    but u look pretty and happy in the pic! stay that way!

  5. helloe beautiful baby!
    auntie remedy - Bioessence eye firming cream. ask your mommy send you.. heh... or biotherm is my favorite too.

  6. yup from my knowledge any type of tea is ok

  7. oh ya!! bioessence from watson! =) i think biotherm is easier to find here! miss you babe!!


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