Tuesday, September 19, 2006

memes:: great for whne you're bored..

the annual Grey's anatomy marathon has been put on hold because Kate went to the mountains with her boyfriend! so here goes...

10 Favorites
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite time: anytime off-work
Favorite food: Wanton Mee! with chilli!
Favorite drink: Sparkling Water
Favorite ice cream: teh-tarik
Favorite place: home
Favorite sport: dancing
Favorite actor: Patrick Dempsey
Favorite actress: Sarah Jessica Parker

Current feeling: energetic
Current drink: cranberry juice
Current time: 10:20 ETA
Current show on TV: re-runs of simple life. (with the fake paris hilton.. very very lame)
Current mobile used: my blingbling clam-shell LG phone
Current windows open: my gmail & chat-window with judy
Current underwear: my pink bondi girl boxers!!
Current clothes: Abercrombie shorts & my purple xmas tee-shirt from london!
Current thought: how thankful i am to have subway here!

8 Firsts
First nickname: wenzi (chinese:mosquito) *shrugs* primary school pals were not very creative..
First kiss: Justin, my first boyfriend
First crush: Also Justin.
First best friend: Sharon, my pri-school dance friend.
First vehicle I drove: Derek's blue beaten up car
First job: never had a real job...
First date: watched "Baron of Bolligrew" Catholic high production in 1996..
First pet: Rica. my first Jack Russel.

7 Lasts
Last drink: Cranberry juice
Last kiss: *shrugs*
Last meal: Spinach & mushroon bisque & Chips
Last website visited: Livejournal
Last movie watched: Big Fish.
Last phone call: mummy dearest
Last TV Show watched: grey's anatomy season 2, episode 22

6 Have you evers
Have you ever broken the law: speeding
Have you ever been drunk: not very drunk.
Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know: Probably
Have you ever been close to gun fire: Yes, my friend laurel just bought a gun.
Have you ever skinny dipped: No
Have you ever broken anyones heart: yes. i've done things im not proud of.

5 Things
5 things you can hear right now: Jenna & Tom singing, snoring, music from tv, silence of the night, crickets
5 things on your bed: 7 pillows, duvet, my glamour magazine, my bathrobe, my pink grapfruit & mint pillow mist.
5 things you ate today: ranch chips, 1 halloween oreo (yucks), yogurt, my bisque, subway sandwich..
5 things you can't live without: my family, my chapstick, my friends, my phone, money
5 things you do when you get bored: chat on phone, watch tv, surf internet (do memes..), plan holidays, daydream..
4 Places you have been today: Kingsmill Resort, FarmFresh (groceryshop), Ribbon store, Colonial Pines (right now..), Hallmark..

3 Things on your desk right now: Vanilla candle, picture of mum & song, lamp.

2 Choices
Black or White: white
Hot or Cold: cold

1 Place you want to visit: Aruba.


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