Thursday, September 21, 2006

one of the many memes...

1. My ex is: (which one? ok.. kidding..) an amazing person who tolerated my nonsense wayyy too much..

2. Maybe I should: clear up the junk from my desk!!!

3. I love: the way my nails look now..

4. I don't understand: how people lose themselves when they have offsprings...

5. I lose: sleep over the tiniest problem!! but never my appetite!

6. People say I'm: too bouncy & sparkly in the morning..

7. Love is: what makes the world seem like Willy Wonka land with gingerbread houses, cotton candy clouds & lollipops & candy corn popping out from fields!

8. Somewhere, someone is: loving me... (a lot!)

9. I will always: believe that there is a rainbow waiting at the end of a storm =)

10. Forever is: when i will see my girlies in NewYork and wear frou frou dresses & sip champagne for brunch..

11. I never want to: stop loving myself.

12. I think the current US President: should make the tax returns process easier to manage!

13. When I wake up in the morning: i regret not sleeping earlier..

14. My past was: something im not ashamed of !

15. I get annoyed when: im sleepy or hungry.

16. Parties are for: people to dress up!

17. My dog(s) is/are: going to be a ladybug and a jailbird for halloween!!

18. My cat is: too big & fluffy & greedy.

19. Kisses are the best when: unexpected

20. Tomorrow: im going for schmancy fancy dinner and dancing to motown music!! *woohoo*

21. I really want: learn how to make wedding cakes! icing and all! =)

22. I have low tolerance for people who: whine too much! (especially if you are above the age of 5)

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  1. SEE US IN NY SOON! loves you :)
    believe us, the 3 of us are really trying to get our act together for next year. :)


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