Friday, September 1, 2006

pet-sitting, stinky-stinky & simon

its labor day this weekend and everyone is going out of town. and since all my friends are travelling, i'm going to home & pet-sit for Victoria & Noel... im so NOT mummy-material! gave my pal's baby a wedgy from his diapers after carrying him for 5 mins...*tsk*

And my coworker, stef, is going for America Idol auditions in Memphis.. how exciting!! she is going to meet the Simon with my Urban Outfitter's necklace as a good-luck gift!! =) its admirable what people do for their dreams!

go steffie!! come back with your yellow application form!!! *poms poms*


  1. -gasps-
    wow! u're undergoing mummy training already!!! haha...and good luckieroos to ur abt-to-be superstar friend!!! =)

  2. Re: -gasps-
    haha.. don't get excited auntie euphie.. looong wait to go!

  3. Re: -gasps-
    ahem! what AUNTIE euphie?! it's euphie jiejie k! -imagines zhing rolling her eyes-

  4. Re: -gasps-
    *roll my eyes* *tsk* act young...


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