Tuesday, August 8, 2006

mid-week updates

--> Too much negativity recently.. so as a pick-me-up, i drove to norfolk to McArthur Center after work yesterday just to BE in civilization and tall buildings. =) oh! and i had cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory!!!

---> Going on Booze Cruise on Saturday as an event attendant !! (i love my job!!)

---> Still praying for Judy 's visa application.. it was really quite upsetting news to not be able to have her back..

--> Catching a flu bug but am still looking forward to margaritas @ chilli's tonight... Stef figured why i like margaritas particularly.. cos i go through 4 salt-rimmed glasses with one round of margaritas!! =)

gotta run gotta run...


  1. grazia!!!!
    thank you my dear!!!!
    I am too praying and working hard to go back to Kingsmill!!!!
    let's cheer!!!!

  2. Re: grazia!!!!
    hopefully we can spend labor day holiday together! =)


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