Monday, August 28, 2006

it's all greek to me!!

for the longest time, i thought my co-workers were on crack when they holler "i got balls" at the end of every day. kinda like a "bye all! i got balls." and i will sit there with raised eyebrows going "right. urm.. i don't but urm.. have a great evening!!" (in the mind: crazy americans..)

till lorreine explained: s'agapo = i love you (in greek)


myself,  lorreine & steffie...

shout out to all reading this " I GOT BALLS!!!! "


  1. U seem to be having so muuch fun! ...u got balls?? errmmmmm....i still dun quite get it. ooppss

  2. sounds like agapo (which is 'love you' in greek).. hehe. they are just a crazy bunch!!


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