Wednesday, August 30, 2006

hot wings & christmas trees

in hooters-land, its all about making men feel good and women feel bad.

the former for obvious reasons. but how can u sit there, eat fried hot wings (eat-all-u-can for $8.99) and not feel bad that these young chicks are wearing tees n shorts the size of an 8 year old!! but being me, i had a great time ogling and gawking at the servers.. the wings were good, bit too oily but still tasty and i only managed to polish 5 wings (midjoints & tips only..) damn. i suck big time at buffets!

afterwhich, i decided i NEED to exercise so i put on my walking shoes, forgetting the theory that "when zhing washes her car, it WILL rain the next day"

backstory:: just cos i washed, vacummed and waxed the car.. it poured. it stormed. it rained cats and dogs. and i got stuck at Yankee Candle factory.. which (i digress) is an amazing place!! their prized product is candles (duh!!) and candles accessories.. their selection is amazing!! they have Christmas Cookies, Pumpkin Pie, Cabernet Savignon & my favorite pink grapefruit!!! and other than candles accessories. they have a little indoor village with fake blue skies and a street looking like disneyland! (darn should have brought my camera on my walk!) and right snuck in the corner was the christmas section. (i know.. wadahell right? they have xmas stores that are open all year round too!!?) and it was gorgeous!! there was a little bridge with fake twinkle skies, huge xmas trees and everything xmas was sold there! wooden toys, nutcrackers, cuckoo clocks, xmas tree baubles!! i felt like i was back in Montreux Xmas market again... and it was so deliciously scented (after which i found it was pine & holiday season scented candles!)

anyway, back to the exercise. naturally, i got home all soaked, took a warm bath & tucked myself into bed at 8pm!


  1. Hmm...i really never understand this thing about hooters. Actually they look like they are wearing too small PE outfits on them...okok. granted that hooters back in singapore may have different standards...hehheh
    the CAR WASH THEORY! it is so freaking true!

  2. There was a recruitment ad in the Hooters we went to. it said "personable, friendly, approachable, loves fame & fun" urm... which parts indicate they need to fulfil certain, stereotyped, sizable assets? hehe...

  3. christmas is coming again! so fast !
    will u be home for christmas sweetie?

  4. Oh good. sizeable assets!!! thats such ......whatever! But yup...the girls are quite busty la.
    hheeheh i will never want those sizeable assets....affect my dancing! bleahhhh

  5. *shakes head* probably not.. =) hopefully feb for chinese new year!!

  6. ditto.. im totally on the same page as you.. i always resented the fact that i wasn't flat.. blah


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