Sunday, August 13, 2006


golly! my hospital bills totalled to USD$800!!

pharmacy fee: $22 (2 feakin' pills..)
doctor's prescription: $50
A&E Fees: $680 (!!!!!)
Taxes: $18

dang! so expensive to fall sick here.

good thing dad had bought insurance for me!! and i did not have to pay a cent. *wipe sweat off brow* when i received the mail, for once i didn't rip open glamour magazine first. can you tell how worried i was that i was gonna have to pay for that bomb?


  1. oh my gooooooodness!
    but glad that u are well again dear
    hugs. read ur prev posts. are u feeling better babe?

  2. See? See? SEEE???? i told you right? cheapskate don't wanna buy insurance.. haiyar *tsk*-yeeennngg
    precise right down to the punctuation.

  3. whats the next line?
    "so? when can we meet up to discuss your financial investments"

  4. thanks honey.. im feeling alright. still guilty though! =)

  5. babe! are you alright?? opoflu.

  6. whoever says financial investments ???????
    "so? when can we meet up to discuss your financial portfolio?"
    but thats just too "pitchy" la.

  7. opoflu>> yeah. im fine now, nasty bout of UTI. so now im cranberry-gobbling& guzzling everyday


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