Monday, July 24, 2006

house hunting:: virginia

in my own time, I've been busy with house hunting:
the search is still on but we think we found our home. we were real picky cos we wanted more than one bathroom (so i won't have to share with them..) and we needed a pet friendly space that was not too beaten up and was in a good part of town within out budget range.. after at least 10 appointment with various homeowners, we found our home *fingers crossed*

its a red brick ranch-style house, $1150 per month, 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms and my fav part is the glass window  in the den with a cushioned bench next to it. great for curling in on a stormy winter day with hot chocolate and book! and there is a huge backyard with grass (kinda like the garden we had in australia when i was young... ) This would be good for grill-outs and since we have to move out in a week so hopefully this application goes through. if all goes well, i'll start boxing my belongings starting tomorrow...

it's fun how we all sat around and discussed where we could put everything and which space we would convert into the chill out movie section and the beer display area, where seth's surf board & jetski should go, and the boy-playpen (with xbox & computers)..

ok. laundry girl, out.


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