Thursday, July 6, 2006

new york:: a list

have done's:

1) watched theatre on broadway!!
2) said hi to statue of liberty (from the plane)
3) stood at the gates of World Trade Center Memorial
4) ate dim sum in china town
5) kate spade purse:: check!
6) shopping till my feet aches:: check!
7) found the apartment we used to stay in
8) dined in aplenty places
9) walked into Tiffany's and walked out with a hefty loot
10) had bits of me-time just to do what i want

yet to do:

1) walk the brooklyn bridge
2) dance
3) watch ballet
4) go rollerblading in central park

by day 5, i was so exhausted & broke. and its a little funny but i felt burnt out and yearning for a glass of vino on the virginian beach where life was quieter, simpler and equally fancy (in its own way).. i guess im a small town gal now!



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