Monday, July 3, 2006

boy trouble:: from the boyfriend

leaving for NYC in a coupla hours and decided to check mail.. worst idea ever.

"hello dear!

thanks for calling just now! happy to hear your voice. by the way, it seems like you don't find my antics funny anymore... Now I find it hard to crack a joke with you, since you seem irritated easily. Or maybe you've found someone funnier..."

kinda spoilt my morning. its just tough when the only form of contact is through the phone and he calls when i am sleeping in on weekends or late at night on weekdays when im already in bed. and worst thing is we cant even hear each other clearly. damn

kinda wished i bothered enough to reassure him..
or that i had the guts to break up...
or maybe just suck it up and live through this 1.5 year this way??


  1. if breaking up comes to mind a lot then do it asap. it's unfair to be leading him on. but if you think the relationship can be saved once you're home again then just wait it out.
    i'm in a long distance relationship for over 2 years. we have our ups and downs but we've managed to pull through.
    hope things turn out well for you.

  2. Oh dear this really hit home for me :( If you seriously think it can't be worked out then I guess you gotta head for the Exit sign... I totally know what you mean about being grumpy over the phone though, it's really hard coping with lots of work and different time zones. What really helped for me is having 'phone dates' so you plan in advance when you'll both be able to set aside time to talk properly, and you can look forward to sharing stuff you've missed out in each others' lives. Webcamming definitely helps as well.
    The guy must've really thought about it to write something like that, maybe you owe it to the both of you to think things through as well as? Much easier said than done. *hug*

  3. heh sounds strangely familiar.
    i guess sometimes we take the ones close to us for granted and we get annoyed with them easily. no longer new, so the novelty's gone mah. but from what ive learnt, its easy to give up and find someone new. but with every relationship are u going to give up when the going gets tough? i know its 10x worse when its a long dist relationship, but if u think this is the guy for you, you have to put in 10x more the effort to have the patience and the love for him.
    im kinda psyching myself up for shanghai too.
    go give him a surprise call now and tell him that you really love him! (of cos only if u mean it la!)


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