Saturday, July 8, 2006

NYC:: going home...

after a week in the big apple, im actually quite glad to be going home!!

this time round, NYC felt completely different. i don't love the city life any less but i was less fascinated, less excited and a lot more independant. last time we were here with the dancers, we travelled in groups no smaller than 5 and when we bought too much, my teacher would give us the judging look.. i even remember having to sneak out to buy my knee high boots and dump it straight into my luggage bag without her seeing!! and of course the last time i was here, daddy was funding all the shopping, shows and food.. this time, im on my own!!

but this trip was fun in a comforting and familiar way. i had the whole barcelona crazy gang. i love traveling with them there is always so much to share and laugh about. i didn't have any 'to-do' list cept to dance (check!) and to watch ballet (check!) so everthing else thrown in was a bonus!! and boy was i blessed with gazillion bonuses!!!

with my pockets pretty burnt out, im headed out for one last city lunch at times square before im going home. *phew*

bye for now!!

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  1. glad that u enjoyed urself there. Have a gd rest!


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