Wednesday, June 7, 2006

yummy but unhealthy lunch

i have so much fun at home doing other stuff that packing my lunch is not of priority!! i've been making instant noodles for lunch 3 days straight!!! its my favorite meal ever! ask anyone i've lived with! i would rather be slurping instant noodles in every flavor than go out for dinner.. especially if there is bean sprouts & egg inside!!

trivia: did you also know that americans call them 'noodles oodles'??

how cute!


  1. i agree! they're even better when you add your own spices! :D

  2. what spices have you added!?! i've only added whatever msg packet they provide!!

  3. it all depends on what i feel like putting in it. haha. if i want to add sour, i'll put in lemon or some of the knorr tamarind soup base. if i want spicey, i add some chili garlic sauce. if i want some sweetness i add hoisin sauce. there's also hot and sour tom yum paste. it all depends on what's lying around in the house and what soup base came with the noodles. lol. i also love adding vegetables to it too. makes it taste even better. ^.^
    sometimes i'll just boil the noodles. drain the water. mix some of the msg packet they provide into the noodle. throw in some veggies. throw in whatever other flavour(s) i want into it. and satee everything. that's yummy too. ^.^

  4. ooo sounds good!! i will try that!! think its healthy when you add less msg as well!!


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