Friday, June 30, 2006

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i saw my name on the gratuity list from the group that we were servicing for the last two weeks! this is the first time i received gratuity. its really not for the money but the fact that they remember you did a good job and want to reward you!!

last night, we celebrated Theresa's farewell. it just seemed like yesterday that we were all attending orientation together and now she is heading home!! we celebrated our 'last'  dinner at Mongolian Restaurant off Richmond Road cos i've read rave reviews about this restaurant. When we stepped in, felt like we were in a totally different world. the set up was cheesy with the typical red and gold chairs and plasticky placemats with chinese women brush painting and bamboo shoots. totally predictable. and on the big screen, they were playing kara-ok tunes with scenic pictures of grass and cows and mountains.. hehe.. it felt like a shady joint in Far East Plaza or Malaysia!! but the selection was amazing and the familiarity of the food kinda hit a spot in my tummy. the top three most popular dishes here are:

1) Chow mien (kinda like hokkien yi mee style noodles)
2) General Tso chicken ( would say its like hu-ku yok or sweet and sour pork but its chicken. very yummy but read in Glamour that this has more than 2000 calories..)
3) Fried Rice (don't know whats the fascination but its just oily rice with soy sauce, throw in an egg and coupla random veggies and there you have chow fan!)

The company was great and the food was yummy but extremely oily!! though that watching fireworks together would be a nice way to end the evening but due to storm warnings, we missed the fireworks show and headed back to Colonial Pines to grill out by our apartment instead.. 

I tried Smirnoff Apple with something else & lemon. This is one of the perks of hanging around F&B people and bartenders, they know all concoctions & delicious cocktails and mix you drinks as and when you wish. The one i had was really refreshing kinda like sparkling juice with only a itsy bitsy tinge of alcohol. so we shared a couple of drinks and jumped into bed all warm and round-tummied!! going to put on my dancing shoes & try to work off the beer tummy tonight at Yorktown Oldies Music Festival!!

oh! and im heading to NYC over the weekend to look for Mr Wolf with Judy! will try to post pictures  but cos its only 6 days and our itinery is presently enough to fill up 14 days.. i wouldn't count on much blogging from NYC!!

Have a great weekend, y'all!!


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