Monday, June 12, 2006

travels:: the Williamsburg Winery

it was a fantabulous morning with the nicest weather but i was a grumpy ass because it was supposed to be my day off but it was spent 'baby-sitting' a group's Jamestown tour and Winery lunch!

Did you know that each and every state in USA has at least one winery and Virginia is the 5th biggest wine producing state. and this winery is Virginia's largest, standing less than 10 miles from my home! ain't that cool!But first thing we saw when we turned off the mud track was the picture on the left!! "Great! Stuck on a bus with bunch of old engineers and this crap winery is growing blue sticks!?!" *roll eyes* then i heard someone go "Cool!! they're brewing Blue Gatorade!!" hehe.. totally cracked me up and everything became better from that point onwards!!

While the group had their lunch and heard stories about the Winery from the tour guide, Mike (totally grandpapa kinda guy), i sat outside the patio sipping unsweetened iced tea, read my trashy novel, wrote cards for Judy & Mummy and kicked off my trainers and tanned my feet! it was a nicest hour i've had in a while and all these while being paid overtime was pretty sweet!! =)

Jamestown Tour was pretty fun as well! we wandered around the area where the first British colonies settled down in United States, checked out their little houses, learnt that all you need to survive is lotsa rope, oyster shell and beer!!! *grins* and we explored the pirate ships and these engineers really lived up to their profession. they were calculating throughout the day, questioning the guides about every possible mathematical equation.

e.g "So if the ship travels at 5 knots an hour and it took ____ days to reach Virginia from Britain, does it mean that its twentythousandtwohundresandfiftyeightpointtwofive miles apart from each other..."

or "Uh-huh.. you said you needed ________ miles of rope to make a fishing net and the fishes are ______ inches long, a regular family eats ____ number of fishies in one day.... blah blah blah.."

...brainnumbing experience trying to out-count them but they were so fun to spend the day with. and it made me remember why i love the engineer i've known my WHOLE life and grew up with!! but i guess some days will eventually morph into a beautiful day, if only you give it a chance..

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  1. Ya, Engineers are simply the most boring people around.... hahaha.... love ya, my darling girl.


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