Thursday, June 15, 2006

bless my sweet tooth!!

yummies!! we felt like hansel n gretal in the candy house!! couldn't contain our excitement when we saw the exquisite pralines, sugar cookies, gingerbread men, hand-made candies in all colors, shape and sizes, cupcakes, caramel apples and check out the HUGE fudge bars!! good lord! the sheer size of that block is scary!!! good thing i already had a satisfying lunch if not i would be spending a fortune on these candies!!

and check out who visited colonial pines yesterday!!


complete with happy carousel music that went on-and-on-and-on.. i had to buy a Klondike oreo sandwich!! the most amusing part was the ice-cream man!! im not racist nor do i want to be offensive but i was kinda expecting some smiley, old white-hair man with white shirt and a happy white cap so when i saw this young black guy with cornrows and tattos all over his arms wearing a wifebeater and low low jeans showing his checkered boxers.. i was shocked!!

ahwell! the icecream was just as yummy!! come back, ice cream man! love you!


  1. omg the candy house looked amazing

  2. remember...
    haha! I just can't forget the run that me and teresa did just to get that Ice cream bar...
    for sure I will NEVER forget!!!!

  3. Re: remember...
    hahaha.. i will never forget the screaming and flip floppping din you guys created in the otherwise peaceful weekday night... *tsk*


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