Saturday, May 13, 2006

special b'fast..

last night, in all tired-ness, we made breakfast for dinner! i never ever make it for breakfast cos im always rushing out of the house or have to be at work so the pancake mix, juice, sausages have been sitting in the lonely corner of the fridge for the longest time.

it was yums and it hit a spot in my tummy. i showered and hopped straight into bed in my biggest teeshirt just like how you would on sunday after brunch... *hmmm*


  1. sounds sooooo heavenly dear! i;ve never had breakfast at dinner time nor dinner food at breakfast, unless its other countries. there was once i ate breakfast at midnight. dun even know how my body felt.
    anyways have a snuggly weekend babe! i cut my hairrrrrrrr

  2. hehe i should try dinner food at breakfast!!
    and how short is your hair now???


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