Monday, May 15, 2006

post-golf tournament

back in my quiet cubicle after i called judy, on the way to airport with dziecko & marcin, whose leaving for canada today... *boohoo* but i think she will have hoots of fun and im looking forward to her coming back already...

after yesterday, the resort is back to her peaceful self. no crazy road marshalls trying to stop you from getting to work, no barricades, no crowd.. and no bosses too!!! half the department has taken off day leaving me, kortez and noel to rule the world hehe.. and this leaves me with a bit of time to catch up on emails, admin stuff and random things i have yet to complete cos i've been running around in the sun.

i was down for a sec last night when i happened to see daddy n momma online in shanghai on Mothers' Day and all i could do was scream "i love you"s into my laptop, feeling sorry that i couldn't be there with her to give her real hugs!!

hang in there mum! till we will meet in London for xmas!!!


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