Wednesday, May 10, 2006

kicking off my sneakers and stealing a moment of shade before i head straight out into the sun again.

the whole resort is filled with golfing enthusiasts, kids wanting golfers' autograph and stressed working people like us. its a pretty sight cos there are so many parties happening in this span of 6 days and each party is so different in theming & look! we just set up a mexican themed garden party with multicolored table linens!! very very pretty!! and i did an asian themed players, pre-tournament party as well. wasn't too fancy in colors cos the look was all muted in olives and browns with bamboo accents. did look quite classy! *proud beam*

somehow when you see the final effect, i feel like all that im giving up to be here is worth it. =)

and last night, i had a nice last evening with isabella. as she climbed into my lap at Regatta's while watching the 15min long fireworks, i felt all goo-ey and happy especially when she gave me a huge hug at the end of fireworks and told me she was having so much fun. it was the prettiest and fanciest round of sparklers i've ever seen! We took a long piggy-back walk home & tucked the little princess into bed...

im in love with that little girl. awwww..

heading out into the yummy sun! hope i get a nice even tan!! =)


  1. awww...
    It is good that you are having fun there~
    I see your Isabella every morning here at Eagle's here. She is a sweetie...=)
    I saw you today when I was heading back home in the Van...Tried my biggest wave in the van but I guess you missed it. Tomorrow I will sit in the front seat and shout your name. hehe
    Miss you and your big smile~

  2. Re: awww...
    thanks babe.. i love you!! i will go visit you tonight again!! =)


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